Easy SEO Blog Commenting

Blog commeting is the best strategy to get backlinks free of cost.It is also a god source of getting targetted traffic. Every SEO manager is involved in blog commenting wheather manually or through softwares.A blog is web page having disscussion on a particular topic like as " Herbal Medicines" " Laptop Computers" " Music" etc. So , when you post a valuable comment on a blog , readers  check it and follow the lnk and you get targetted trafic to your website.The following points must be kept in mind while blog commenting:

  • Blog Must Be Nich Related
  • Comment on Dofollow Blogs
  • Blog Must Have Some Active Comments
  • Always Post A Meaningful Comments

    Blogs Must Be Nich Related:

The Blog where you are going to post a comment must be your nich related.There are many ways to search nich realted blogs on Google.A comment posted on a relevant blog have more significant than other comments posted on irrelevant blog.There are three fields and one comment box.In comment box make a menaningful and discussion related comment.In email fied put your email address whicgh do you want to use for blog commenting.I n the name filed write any name.In website address fileid wirte your website address which do you want to promote.After doing that post the comment.Now , you will find that a hyperlink is created between name field and website address fieldSo, when the visitor will click on the name will be directed to your website.The following pic will describe more about blog commenting.


Dofollow Blog Commenting:

What are dofollow and no follow blogs? Every blog having an attribute rel="nofollow" is a nofollow blog and vice versa.This attribute tells the serch engines not to follow the link therefore this link is not followed and not indexed by search engines..So , commenting on these blogs do not create backlinks for your website.However , your comments can generate reffral trafficfor your website. A comment posted and approved on a dofollow blog creates a backlink for your website.How do you recognise wheather this blog Dofllow or Nofollow Blog?There are many softwares that tell about Nofollow and Dofollow blogs.You may also find wheather this blog is nofollow or Dofollow manually by reading source code. Press CRT+U to show the source ocde then CRT+F to open find window and put " nofollow " in the find find window. If your search matches to nofollow then this blog is nofollow and vice versa.

Now , you have understood it very well that Dofollow blogs are necessary to create backlinks.To find out wheather a blog is Dofollow or Nofollow is very time consuming.You have to open souce code again and agin to search out nofollow attribute.But there are many softwares that find out only Dofollow High Pgae Rank blogs for commenting.These sofwares not only time consuming but also very cost effective.These softwares also facilitate to post comments on Dofollow blogs automatically.These softwares also find out Dofollow auto approved blogs to post comments on them.When you post a comment on Auto Approved/Instant Blogs they are approved instantly so these blogs called Autoapproved/Instant blogs..


Blog Must Have Acitve Comments & Always Post a Meaningful Comment:

Be sure that the blog where  you are going to post a comment has some active discussions and active comments on it and have good traffic.Always make a meaningful and valuable commnet otherwise the blog owner will spam your comment.Do not make a comment like that " great post" " good idia" " what a post". Read the previous discussion ,participate and make a related comment to get the comment approved.

There are many softwares that can help you find out nich related and Dofollow blogs.The most effective softwares are listed below:

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