Importance Of Backlinks

Now , you have  got best keywords for for Search Engine Optimization.The main part part of SEO is link building or back link genrating. A person new to SEO may be wondering tha what the backlinks are? What are there benefits? How you can got No.1 in search engines with back links? So , I am going to tell you about back links in a simple way .

What Are The Back Links:?

 Backlinks are the  which are directed towards your site from other  websites. The quantity of backlinks is definitely an indication that show  the popularity of  web site. Backlinks are essential for SEARCH ENGINE OPTIMIZATION and to get No.1 Rank in Google because some search engines like google,yahoo and bing will provide more credit score to websites which have a great number of quality back links.Most of the time Google thinks like a human and watches the quality of backlinks.The quantity of backlinks does not matter.. it is the quality that metters.So the backlinks must be from relevant websites.There are many methods to get backlinks .. free and paid backlinks. In the next chapter we will discuss how to genrate free back links.

Easy SEO Methods to get free backlink include:

  • Article Writing and Submutting
  • Forumn Posting
  • Dofollow Blog Commenting
  • Socail Media Websites
  • Socail Bookmarking Websites
  • Website Submittion to Web Directories (Free and Piad)


 However there many quality tools that genrate backlinks for you. These softwares includes the following:

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Link Building Secrets...The Best Book

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